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Lora Rath

Legal Services Corporation
Director, Office of Compliance and Enforcement
Washington, District of Columbia
Lora M. Rath is the director of the Legal Services Corporation’s (LSC) Office of Compliance and Enforcement (OCE). OCE oversees LSC grantees’ legal and fiscal compliance in the use of LSC grant funds to support access to justice in civil matters. Before joining OCE, Lora was the director of policy & planning for the Veterans Benefits Department of Paralyzed Veterans of America. Lora began working in OCE in April 2001, serving as a program counsel before being promoted to deputy director in 2007 and then to director in 2012. As a program counsel, Lora served as a team member or the team leader in numerous on-site compliance reviews and in her role as deputy director she was responsible for overseeing the 1630 and 1627 review and approval processes.