John Greiner

New York, NY
John Greiner is the founder of Just-Tech, LLC, a 2015 startup dedicated to fulfilling the technology needs of legal services providers. Just-Tech addresses the full complement of organizations' technology needs or supplements existing in-house IT. Prior to Just-Tech, Mr. Greiner was the first Chief Information Officer for Legal Services NYC, the nation’s largest civil legal services provider. He led the citywide integration of disparate technology and systems, and advanced the use of technology for service delivery, client access and overall operations. During his tenure at LSNYC, Mr. Greiner helped providers in New York State and around the country with technology and systems needs. Prior to his work at LSNYC, Mr. Greiner was the first Executive Director of Illinois Legal Aid Online where he operationalized the center, raised significant grant dollars, and led the build-out of its initial systems. He spent several years working for the federal government implementing a small business regulatory enforcement fairness statute as well as developing the voice and data systems needed to manage the national program. While working for the federal government, Mr. Greiner volunteered with the Chicago bar and the legal services community on the role of technology in addressing access to justice. He has also worked for Indiana Legal Services where he served as a staff attorney and technology manager. Mr. Greiner serves on the boards for 211NY and NYSAirs, and is a coordinator for the NYSTech group. Prior to graduating from the University of Wisconsin Law School with honors, Mr. Greiner spent several years in systems analysis, programming, and systems administration.